Rafael Ben-Ari continues to promote his work through exhibitions worldwide.

2015 “Tel Aviv: The City that Emerged from the Dunes” – Fine Arts Metro, Mexico City
2011 “Unexpected Israel” – Milan, Italy
2011 “Cultural Friends” exhibition for customs and traditions around the world – Paseo de la Reforma (Reform Promenade) – Mexico City, Mexico
2010 “Stories of Israel: A Photographed Journey to the Country’s Soul” – Group Exhibition in Embassies Worldwide
2010 “Tel Aviv: The City that Emerged from the Dunes” – Mexican Senate Headquarters, Mexico City
2008 “During the 60 years of Israel” – Marseille, France
2008 “live in Israel” – Marseille, France
2008 “Jerusalem- the heart of Israel” – Marseille, France
2003 “Untitled” – Paihia, New Zealand
2003 “The Decisive Moment” – Kerikeri, New Zealand
2002 “A Thin Line trade” – Melbourne, Australia